The human ego is a tricky tool. We often seek other people’s approval, criticize or admire ourselves solely because someone, somewhere said this and that and shaped our own idea of who we are. In the age of social media we somehow got used to exposing and expressing less and less of our thoughts, our feelings and our personal traits, in order to please our family, our boss or the person we have a hu-u-ge crush on. We think that behaving in a certain way will make us more likeable, more trustworthy and will work in our favor in general. Well, guess what? This is exactly where we’re wrong.

The moment when we realize that the only valid opinion about ourselves is our own, the moment when we get rid of the fear of what people think of us and stop perceiving a virtual reality that simply isn’t ours, then we’ll be just fine…

… or, as we like to say:

If you’re brave enough to leave your vanity (and dignity) at the door, without asking any questions, then you’re one of us. Welcome to the bright side.

colorbones. is a personal project in collaboration with Peter Alexandrov.

For 7 months we met 29 people and managed to get them out of their comfort zone by throwing random objects, food or liquids at them, without their prior knowledge of what’s about to happen.

For 7 months we met 29 people and managed to smash the wall between the way they look and behave on the internet and the way they look and behave when they’re just being themselves.

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